A place of energy. libertà in tablà.

A place of energy. libertà in tablà.

A matter of the heart and a privilege that we share with you

This house was my parents' livelihood. From a small farm in the middle of the village Ardez, my parents fed our family of six. Modesty, how admirable.

When I was 15 years old, I left this house in Rebellion. Inspired by the swallow (randulin) I moved out and flew away. My journey has taught me that I can not run away from my roots. This has arisen #randulin.

With an image of the converted barn in mind, I flew back. The conversion of the barn (tabla) lasted a total of four years. The architects Adriana Stuppan and Duri Vital accompanied me in the implementation. From three basic materials stone, wood and steel has emerged Randulin. For me a bit of freedom (libertà).

Possession makes you happy when you share it. That's why the doors of randulins are for you open.


My energy place, your energy place?

The Engadine house with purist furnishings promises perfection and home design down to the smallest detail. It creates an environment for relaxation, creativity and reflection.

  • Three en suite bedrooms
  • Living area with loft character, library and fireplace
  • Small wellness area
  • Huge terrace with views over Ardez
  • Yoga / meditation area
  • Nature, culture, sport and tradition
  • Design meets tradition.

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