The concrete & steel kitchen puts the old substance and you as a cook in the foreground.

The fur comes from a cow that was born in the stable. The table is 3.20 long & 240 years old.

The Lukarne (installed by my grandfather in 1932) shines light into the room like a rock crystal.

When I was 22 years old, I fell in love with this fireplace. 17 years later ...

... it hangs over its own stone reflection. Fire and earth.

The living area is not yet complete in this photo. The library is missing from this picture.

A safari chair from the 1930s deserves this view.

The lounge table was once a dung cart my father worked with (with a horse)

300 years old. 1 piece of granite. Back then a sauté trough, today a washbasin in the hidden toilet.

La cuort (the entrance area). The fulcrum of the swallows.

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Unnamed 1

A room for the senses. The southern view to see, the stable larch to feel, the wall to smell.

This folding table is full of initials from 1800+. My great-grandfather was also immortalized in it

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